Shimeji Resource (WORK IN PROGRESS)

💕For all your Shimeji needs💕


Welcome to ShimejiResource’s official website! It took us a while and a bit of debating before we decided to purchase a domain and make ShimejiResource official.

Shimejis are little computer programs that crawl around your desktop. They can be sweet and just sit on the bottom taskbar or be sour and throw around your windows and cover up where you’re trying to press!

I can say that I am extremely proud of the following we have built even after all the hardships of losing our original tumblr and the many times our database has been wiped. I love every single one of our dedicated fans that link us to other people.

Kiki and I created ShimejiResource after going through hours of searching trying to sift through broken links and deleted sources. We thought that since finding shimejis was so difficult we should take the task upon ourselves so everyone could experience shimejis with us. We also noticed other places that posted shimejis tended to have a lack of source or artist to them and crediting the artist is the most important thing to us. Shimejis take hours of effort to make and can get tiring, so the artists that take their time to make these fun little pets deserve all the credit they can get!


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